Steps to Marriage Separation Reconciliation – Reporting

Reporting is simply accountability. Accountability goes a long way when taking steps to marriage separation reconciliation as being accountable to your spouse helps build trust and communication ties that may have been weakened or lost entirely. Reporting keeps you accountable by proving that you are both on the same wavelength and working towards the same goal. It lends an atmosphere of openness and acceptance so that it is easier to work together and be honest about what is or is not working and how things should be changed. Then last, but definitely not least, reporting proves that you are reliable and can be trusted to do your part.A few guidelines to follow are:
Communicate regularly. Set a specific time to meet face-to-face, whether it be daily or weekly, and keep the appointment. Probably most important, do not ever shut the communication lines down; they should always be open at any time.
Be specific about which topics and questions should and will be discussed, such as schedules, finances, personal values, household management, children, etc. You may want to only start with one or two topics in the beginning and work your way up. This really depends on your particular circumstances and how far gone the relationship is.
Be honest and transparent. Discuss the bad right along with the good. Do not leave out or “sugarcoat” the details to save one’s feelings. Honesty is vital.
Keep competency in mind. Can you really do what you are saying you can or what is being asked of you? If the difficult task is an essential one, explain the difficulty and first commit to only seeking out help; then move on from there. Take it in bite-size pieces. Do not commit to something you cannot readily do.
At the end of the accountability session ask and answer the question: “Have you been truthful about everything we have discussed?” You are working to build trust, a key component, and sacred treasure, when taking the steps to marriage separation reconciliation.
In short, accountability is CPR for marriage: Communicating Personal Responsibility. Just as cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) can breathe life back into someone who has stopped breathing, reporting (or communicating personal responsibility) can breathe life back into your marriage.

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